When you want to increase you skill in playing table tennis, one thing you need to own is equipment. However, the important thing you need to have is ping pong conversion top that can be easily transformed and changed based on your needs. You don’t need to buy the whole table since if your home is not big and you don’t have large space to place it.

Tips to Buy Ping Pong Conversion Top

Nowadays, many people are searching for the ping pong conversion top to support their game but you need to pay attention to the details of the table such as:

  • There are variety options

Nowadays, it is not hard to find some various pool tables on the market through online and offline shop. All tables are different from prices, sizes and also function. However, all of them are available in the standard range of size which is stated from ITTF.

Also, you might get the complete package of the conversion with flags, paddles, net and balls in one payment. This thing is so essentials for everybody who wants to play ping pong or other pool game with ease since you may get some refreshments by playing this game.

The body and frame of this pool table can be transformed and stored easily so you can use that whenever you want to play or train your skill in playing ping pong. However, you need to pay attention for the details as well as your needs to have this conversion.

If you don’t enough money to purchase the complete conversion, you may buy the conversion as it is and buy several supporting needs separately. See the model of the conversion you want and check the material.

  • Knowing the different thicknesses

Though it looks the same, but every conversion has different thicknesses so it might be so important for you to have the best conversion for your level skill in playing ping pong. If you buy the right conversion with suitable thickness, then you can develop your skill to be professional player.

If the conversion has extra level of thickness, it is actually good to make your ball bounce and it represents the real table of ping pong. However, the weakness is it more resistant to be cracked. If you want to place the conversion for outdoor activities, it is better for you to have a conversion which is made of aluminum since it is common material to make table for ping pong.

Some of the aluminum conversion has made of wood but covered with waterproof material so it can be used for outdoor activity to create realistic bounce.

If you use this table for indoor activity, then you can get the wooden conversion since it is protected inside from the weather changing. But, the technology is advanced day by day and you can get the wooden conversion for pool and ping pong which can be transformed easily to become a dining table.

By looking to some various model of conversion, you need to measure and check the right thickness.

Another condition is if you want to bring your indoor ping pong conversion to the outside, you need to make sure if the material is covered with some waterproof thing so you it won’t be damaged because of the weather.

Stiga Duo Ping Pong Table Conversion Top

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