Ping Pong Ball
Ping Pong Ball

The ping pong ball is crucial when you want to enjoy a good game of the table tennis. After all, what to play and pass around if the ball doesn’t even exist? That’s why knowing what kind of ball to use or which type of choose is quite important.

There are so many different types of balls for different purposes out there. Not to mention that they are coming from different names and brands too. Picking the right ball can be overwhelming for you if you don’t know what to do.

Different Types of Ping Pong Ball

Basically, the ping pong ball is divided into two major types: the one for training and the star balls with rating system. As the name suggests, the training balls are designed for training sessions. The star balls, on the other hand, have their own designs, shapes, and functions.

The training balls are softer because they are designed to make practice session more fun and enjoyable. You can also use this kind of ball if you are new to the table tennis. And since this type of table tennis ball is made for pleasure purposes, they are pretty solid and flexible. They won’t easily break.

The star balls are usually sturdier and more solid because they are often used in the competitive setting. They can also be used for the training session but by more advanced players – not the newbie players.

You can say that people who have passed the beginning stage but not reaching the professional level yet can use this type of ball for training. If you like training with the ball machines or the table tennis robot, this is also the perfect ball to use.

The star balls are divided into three types: the one with only a single star, two stars, and three stars. Beginner or intermediate players usually use the balls with one or two stars.

But as you progress and your skills improve, you can switch to the one with three stars. Three stars balls have also used in competition, especially for the national and international platform.
When it comes to price, the ping pong ball with one or two stars are less expensive when compared to the one with three stars because of a matter of quality and such thing alike.

That’s why it is advisable for you to buy the ball with one or two stars if you want to use it for practice.

Ping Pong Ball
Ping Pong Ball

Buying the Balls in Bulk

If you want to buy the right ball for your needs, be sure to check the list issued by the International Table Tennis Federation.

They have the lists for all the approved balls that meet the standard. Here are the things you should know about the balls:

  • They are generally sold in bulk case where the balls are placed inside the packs
  • The options for the bulk are 12 balls, 36 balls, and even 144 balls
  • Once you have the balls, make sure that you keep them in a dry area, far away from humidity or moisture. Don’t expose the balls to the direct sunlight or high temperature. Keep the ping pong ball in a safe area and don’t let it fall on the floor so people won’t trip on it.



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