When you heard the word table tennis robot, you may be wondering what kind of a device it is or what the biggest functionality is. Well, the robot is basically a machine that can stimulate or imitate a play with the real player.

You can adjust the setting at different angles or speeds as if you were playing against other players. If you are alone and you don’t have a sparring partner, this robot can be really handy.

The Basic Functionality of the Table Tennis Robot

As it was mentioned before, this type of table tennis robot can be handy when you need to practice and yet you don’t have a partner to do so.

As it was mentioned before, this type of robot can be easily adjusted so you only need to change the setting. Whether you want an easy partner or a challenging one, you only need to readjust the setting and you are good to go.

Having the robot is liberating, in terms that you don’t have to depend on another player to improve your ability and skills. Sure, purchasing the robot may cost you extra but it is beneficial on the long run – and you can always practice or play the game anytime you want without hassle.

How to Choose the Right Robot

There are so many different brands and names of the robot out there. Since it can be pretty costly, you definitely don’t want to make a careless choice of the machine. Among the many top names in the industry, Newgy is one of the best brands in the industry.

Aside from the fact that they have been in the industry for quite some time, they also have created different types of robots for various purposes. You can say that their creations are all trusted, reliable, and high in quality.

Keep in mind, though, that you need to do the careful selection process. There are so many different Newgy models with different features. Read the reviews and compare each model to one another so you which one is the best for you.

For instance, you can choose the model of 1040, 2040, or 2050. The 1040 has an analog control box with no recycling net, and zero pre-programmed drills. The 2040 has an analog control box with a recycling net and zero pre-programmed drills. And the 2050 has a digital control box with a recycling net and 64 pre-programmed drills.

table tennis robot
newgy 1040
newgy 2040 table tennis robot
newgy 2040
table tennis robot newgy 2050
newgy 2050

There are more features to consider about so choose your table tennis robot wisely.

It would be wise if you don’t rush things and you don’t make too quick judgment and decision. Again, the robot is costly so you want to make a careful selection before narrowing your option to a particular model.

Besides reading the reviews and understand each strength and flaws, you also need to consider the dimension, see the image, and think about the features. Some of the robots are quite simple and basic while some have a more sophisticated arrangement. Be sure that you get all your facts straight and correct before you finally choose the perfect table tennis robot for your needs.



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