Abachi table tennis blades

When it comes to choosing the right table tennis blades core, Abachi is one of the most popular constructions in the industry. A lot of the blades are sold with this core type and such constructions have been used by different trading names, like Ayous or Samba.

However, ULMO has different types of construction in terms of gluing type, veneer composition, and the press quality. It is a sure thing that most manufacturers use and implement premium saw-veneers when making the blades.

Abachi table tennis blades

Classic Allround: One of Abachi Table Tennis Blades

If you are looking for a blade that is easy to control as well as flexible and versatile, you can consider this type. It is designed and dedicated for all kinds of player without fiber or Balsa materials.

What makes this type most appealing is the fact that it has a very flexible control that is suitable for different playing style.

When compared to other table tennis blades, this one has symmetrical construction using the Limba outer veneers or Abachi core.

The technique used for this style is still traditional but it has better control and precision that really help the players.

This type of blade is usually bigger and has a customized feel, thanks to the gravity center management. However, it is also pretty big and heavy.

The Carbon Off

On the contrary to the Allround, the carbon off is pretty light because it uses the light carbon material. Other products from ULMO may be constructed without the carbon but this one is using the material, for a good reason.

The carbon layer will add a rigid construction but it does deliver a better feedback. The blade may be small and light but it also feels somewhat sturdier and more solid.

The Spin Allround+

This type of blade is perfect for offensive players hoping for better and improved control. Among the other types of table tennis blades, this one is more aggressive with improved dynamics and control.

The blade itself has symmetrical construction with three different sawing veneers layers within the Limba cover veneers and core. If you are playing a game requiring a high control performance, this is the perfect blade to use. It weighs less than 80g with improved feedback and maximum 1.8mm of linings.

Seven Off-

This type of blade is perfect for players who want to have a better control and flexible speed arrangement. This blade is constructed with various veneer combination and it doesn’t use any fiber material, carbon, or the Balsa. The blade itself has five Abachi layers for the core veneer along with the Zebrano veneer for the surface. Thanks to the Zebrano veneer, spin quality can be produced along with enough speed for offensive playing.

Safety Def+ Blade

If you like to play defensive with improved rigid feature and control, this blade is the perfect one for you. The wooden structure is quite different from the others. With Abachi core, Limba veneer for the front side, and nut tree veneer on the back, this unique combination is able to create powerful and unique spinning quality. Intermediate impact and topspin can be expected from this type of table tennis blades.



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