When choosing the right table tennis blades, you want to consider the main material for the core. Balsa core is one of the common materials used in making the blades. Naturally, there are some unique and special features you can expect from it – and how it can affect your gaming skills and enjoyment.

balsa core table tennis blades

balsa core
balsa core

Balsa Table Tennis Blades: What to Understand?

Balsa is basically a type of light wood which is used in the blade construction. When using the paddle, there are different sides for forehand and backhand and the different materials can affect the characteristics of the hit, spin, and much more.

What’s unique and special about balsa, anyway? Well, for a starter, balsa provides a greater control for the quick and short game. Its major characteristic is the fast hits. thanks to the catapult effect it produces, which depends on the strength of the layers, the gluing quality, and the fiber arrangement of the blade’s layers. When you compare the Def blade and the Off blade, for instance, you can see that the Off blade has a bigger catapult effect.

Different Types of Blades

Again, different table tennis blades will result in different usage, quality, and performance. Be sure that you know each different type that can support your gaming improvement, performance, and also quality. The Spin Machine All is a type of light blade designed for all round attackers and players looking for high speed play.

This balsa table tennis type has 5 layers (the core itself has 3 layers of the Balsa wood) and yet it only weighs around 55g. Even the bigger one only weighs 65g. If you want to generate fast balls and yet you want to have a great control of the game, this is the perfect blade to choose.

For the backhand side, koto wood is used. This type of wood is great for long pimples and traditional rubber. For the forehand side, acorn is used and it is great for all kinds of playing style. If you are looking for a defensive type of playing, use the bigger blade. However, keep in mind that the bigger blade won’t be as fast as the smaller one.

More to the Various Types

Spin Block All is the type of table tennis blades with harder backhand side. Instead of the koto wood, this type of blade uses the nut tree veneer, which is harder and sturdier. The common weight is 60g and the bigger one is 70g.

This type of blade has a flat bounce quality with a better control because of the harder veneer cover. This type of blade is perfect for players who want to counter or block, or do long pimples.

Another type is the Duality Allround, which is good to block or smash with the backhand, while having more control and doing long pimples at the same time. The blade itself is pretty solid and rigid because it has 7 layers with strong 4mm cotton plywood for the core. If you have just used the blade and you are a beginner, this is the type of table tennis blades perfect for your playing type.



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