Choosing the right table tennis balls is important when you expect a great time in playing your favorite sports. After all, without the ball, you don’t have a game to play, anyway. That’s why it is crucial to get your facts straight about these balls so you can enjoy your game and don’t make useless spending.

However, the process of choosing the right ball can be overwhelming and tricky because there are so many different brands with different qualities out there. Sure, you can use the guidance to help you with the process but it may take a while.

There are some names that truly stand out among the others when it comes to high-quality (even premium) balls. If you are familiar with names such as Stiga or Joola, then you know the quality of the products.

table tennis Balls
table tennis Balls

Joola Table Tennis Balls

Sure, Joola is one of the reliable names in the industry known for their high-quality products. But they do their own categories and variations. And some of their lines are known for the best quality that they can provide for avid table tennis fans.

The One-Star Rossi Orange ball is a 40mm type with great quality. The ball is pretty light, allowing them to move quickly and smoothly. When compared to the other brands, this ball is lighter. If get to tell the difference if you have doing this sport long enough.

If you are new to the game or you are an intermediate athlete, the table tennis balls should help you get moving – and they provide serious support. If you want a responsive ball, you have picked the right type.

Just because they are light, it doesn’t mean that they are cheesy or flimsy. On the other hand, the Joola ball is pretty solid and durable. Thanks to the high-quality and grade celluloid, the ball can withstand any pressure and treatment for quite a long time.

Not to mention that Joola has their own standard for endurance, quality, and performance control. This is one of the main reasons why the ball is often used for international and national competitions.

Stiga Table Tennis Balls

Stiga is another name in the industry that is offering high quality table tennis balls. If you engage in competitive style of sports, this is the ball that you want to use.

The balls have excellent spin, consistent bounce, and also longer volleys. Whether you use the balls for casual plays or competitive setting, the balls won’t disappoint you.

It is safe to say that the Stiga balls are perfect for long-lasting usage. According to many users who have included the balls into their active playing, one ball alone can withstand so many pressures.

They can use a ball for months before they have to replace it – and they have put a lot of pressures during those months so you can imagine how tough and solid the ball is.

Sure, you may have to spend extra with this type of ball. But keep in mind that you are actually saving yourself quite a lot of money in the long run. This type of table tennis balls are definitely worth your money; no doubt about it.



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