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Basic Table Tennis

How to Learn Basic Table Tennis in One Minute?

Though you are beginner in this game, but you can learn the basic table tennis in shorter time without making mistakes. In one minute...
How to Play Table Tennis

How to Play Table Tennis for Beginners?

For some people who are professional players, ping pong seems easy to be played since players don’t have to move a lot than other...
basic rules of table tennis

Basic Rules of Table Tennis vs Official Rules

Understand the basic rules of table tennis are a must for every player who is interested in playing this game. However, some of them...
table tennis double

3 Important Rules of Table Tennis Double

As you know, tennis and badminton can be played by two people in one group as duo or double. But the same thing also...

What is Major Rules Amendment?

Rules are made to make the game clear and safe for everyone. Every sport has it including table tennis. As the highest head and...
Rules of Table Tennis

Knowing The Rules of Table Tennis Before Playing

Different from ordinary tennis which is played outdoor, table tennis is played indoor like badminton. Same with tennis, players will use rackets which are...



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Things You Need to Know Before Buying Ping Pong Conversion Top

When you want to increase you skill in playing table tennis, one thing you need to own is equipment. However, the important thing you...

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