Rules are made to make the game clear and safe for everyone. Every sport has it including table tennis. As the highest head and leader of table tennis, ITTF has made major rules amendment. Those rules are easy to understand and it will make the game interesting. One of the statements in that amendment is the beginning serve in table tennis more open and visible to the accepter all times. Those rules were distributed to umpires.


Learning About Major Rules Amendment

It is the duty of Referees Committee and also ITTF’ s umpires to distribute the detail of explanation for all international umpires that lead the game to tell the players about the new rules or changes in order to respect the spirit of table tennis itself.

No need to wait any longer since ITTF has distributed the rules package to National Association and the rules will be demonstrated in visual acts. As the table tennis player, you need to understand the rules in order to reduce the risk of making mistakes such as if your hand is holding the ball to make a serve and your arm will project the ball to the front, then your free hand will be removed immediately to the side.

It means, your two hands must be cleared from the table. You just need to hit the ball with paddler and not remain in receiver with the ball. It needs to be out of sight from both ball and receiver. To demonstrate and explain those rules in front of the umpires, ITTF uses photos, video and power point as presentation.

Another major rules amendment is if the serving player imagines any triangular space from the net posts and ball, then you need to extend the space upward to head level. It means, the serving player needs to make sure that his body or cloth is not entering the space.

The purpose is to make the serve clear from any obstructions and legal. Also, there is any modification from service and as the player, you need to understand that and learn. For instance, you need to swing your free arm as fast as possible to be admitted as legal.

You need to make clear, visible and open serve. To make a good service, your ball must rest on the palm of your hand openly and put it near upward vertically. After the ball is falling, you need to strike it to make it bounce on your court first and then land into other side of table.

The player who does the service must not do any actions in preventing the opponent in seeing the ball. The little ball must visible to anybody including the umpire. You need to do a good service so the umpire will think it is right and you can continue the game.

The umpire will pay attention to serving player and asses if the service is based on requirement or not. If there is no assistant, the umpire will give a warning to the player who makes mistake in serving without giving point.

By knowing the major rules amendment, you may doo a good job in doing the service without mistake so you will not let the point go because of your fault.

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