For some people who are professional players, ping pong seems easy to be played since players don’t have to move a lot than other game. However for beginner, this game can be hard if they don’t know how to play table tennis. Every single rule and way must be known clearly by the players if they want to play it without mistakes. Once you master them all, you will fall in love with this sport.

How to Play Table Tennis
How to Play Table Tennis

How to Play Table Tennis Without Making Mistakes?

 First, you need to know about the equipments that are used for playing ping pong so you will understand how to play table tennis very well. In this game, you will use paddle with two colors consist of red and black. It was made of wood and covered by rubber and this bat will be assessed by ITTF.

You are not allowed to change your bat during the game you play in except broken or damaged until you can’t use it again. If this is happening, try to call umpire and get permission to change. Also, the net is needed to be set in 15,25 cm on the top of table as the boundary of the court.

Also, during the game, you can’t move the table or even touch the net. Also, put your free hand away from the game or place it on the table. You can sit on top of table but don’t move it.

Try to check the table thoroughly before playing so the table won’t be damaged and caused something unexpected if you are bumping it during the game.

When you want to serve the ball, make sure that your opponent can see it too because if you hide it from your opponent, you are considered foul. After the serving player hit the ball, his free hand must be thrown away from the table.

When you hit the ball using your bat, you need to make it going upward vertically to the court of opponent without getting any spin.

However, don’t hit the ball more than 16 cm since there is an official rule for the players who hit the ball up from 16 cm, they might lose points. Actually, you are allowed to hit the ball using fingers or your bat is below the wrist.

But if your bat is falling in the middle of game, you are not allowed to hit the ball using bare hands since it is not paddle. Try to take your paddle as soon as possible before the ball comes to you.

Beside that, you are not allowed to throw the bat into the ball to make it survive longer on the table because the rules say that you need to touch the bat when you want to hit the ball and return it to opponent.

If you are tired and want to take a rest, you only have one minute during the game. The umpire will allow you to bring the bat while you rest but they also can ask for the player to leave the bat on the table. Just ask to the umpire whenever you need to rest.

If you are sweating a lot and you need to wipe your face with towel, then you can do that after six points are reached. By knowing this, you can understand how to play table tennis very well without failing.

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