Though you are beginner in this game, but you can learn the basic table tennis in shorter time without making mistakes. In one minute only, you can master the whole basic rules of table tennis so you can increase your skill along with knowledge about it.

By mastering the rules, you may not be confused in playing the game. However, you need to train yourself if you want to be a professional player so you can join the tournament.

Basic Table Tennis

Learning the Basic Table Tennis in Short Time

Before playing ping pong as your sport, you need to learn basic table tennis and there are some tips to master it in one minute only as the following:

  • Understand the rules before starting the game

In order to become a professional player, you need to understand the rules officially. To decide who go first in doing the service, umpire will toss the coin to the air after both parties chose their side of coin. Another way is one player can hide the ball in one of your hands.

After that, you can place your hands under the table so people won’t see it and another player has to guess where the ball from both hands is. If that player can guess it right, then he may go first to serve the ball and start the game.

However, if the player guess it wrong, the opponent will go first in serving the ball. You can also decide who is the first player by playing the ball back and forth for four times without points.

  • Score a point

After understanding the rules, you need to score the point. More points means you are close to victory. If your opponent can’t do the service right, then you can gain point.

However, you need to be careful also since you must not do any mistake in serving the ball or the point will go to the opponent. You can get the point if the service ball touches anything on the table except for the net but it must be landed on the opponent’s land. Also, you may get another point if your opponent intentionally moves the table to other side, touches the net and put his free hand on the table while the game is starting.

Also, if your opponent hits the ball twice, then you may gain another point. You can win the game after hitting 11 points as the final score of the game. If both players have 10 points each, then the game is still going on until one player gain another two points.

  • Service rules

Your serve is considered legal if a player can hit the ball for six inches and you need to hit the ball before it falls to the table. You also need to make your ball visible to everybody in the room especially for umpire and other player.

If you hide the ball or make it invisible, then your service is not legal. If the game has reached to the end, both players can change every side and the one who did the service on the previous game will be the serving player again.

Hope you can master the basic table tennis in one minute only so you can be the professional player ever and win the game.


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