When it comes to choosing the right table tennis net, you should look at your own needs and preference. Do you want a net with the accompanying accessories like the paddle?

Do you want a net with firm grip for the attachment and sturdy post? Do you want the easy installation over the overall quality?

There are so many different nets, specs, and usages for this particular equipment so be sure that you get your facts straight before marching to the story to buy one.

table tennis net
table tennis net

The Basic Function of the Table Tennis Net

The main function of the table tennis net is to divide the table into two areas for playing. Your table will be the court and the net will be the divider that set up boundaries of which area is yours and which is your opponent’s.

The net is usually made of nylon mesh, synthetic plastic, or even a cotton cloth that can be attached to the table with a post clamp. The posts and the attachment are usually available for the table with thickness from 16 mm to 25 mm, according to the standard size.

Keep in mind that it is crucial to choose high-quality nets to support competitive game.

Can you imagine the hassle and the trouble you have to suffer when your flimsy and cheap net suddenly breaks during a game because of being hit by the ball? Not so good and not so enjoyable, huh?

If you are entertaining guests or friends, it can be embarrassing. That’s why you should choose a net with metal posts and steel extensions that have better quality. You can also adjust them easily and fast with proper tension.

If you want to choose the right net, the 72 inch one can fit most of the tables pretty well. Just be sure that you have versatile and high quality nets to improve your gaming enjoyment.

Further Info about the Net

Here are the basic standard of the nets (along with the posts):

  • It should be 6 inches in height and six feet in length
  • It can be a black or even a dark blue or dark green in color
  • It should have a white tape on the top with 15 mm of width – and shouldn’t be more than that.
  • The bottom should be close to the table surface while the end should come close to the post.

The table tennis net should also have these supporting items:

  • Clamps
  • Height adjuster
  • Uptight post
  • Horizontal element for the post

The net itself is available in three different types:

  • The permanent one, which is attached for good to the table
  • The spring load clip
  • The screw clamp that is tightened manually (with hands)

The net can come with these additional items, such as:

  • Ring chains, which is used to make adjustment or changes to the net
  • Clamps, which can be clamped on or screwed. The clamps will secure the existing brackets without scratching the top surface of the table.
  • Adjustable screws. This can be used to calibrate the height of the table tennis net for a better fit of the table.



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