Before you decide to buy the ping pong ball, keep in mind that there are several factors that may affect your judgment and decision. If you think that all balls are the same then you may want to reconsider again because the ball for ping pong is definitely different from the others.

Know your facts straight before you make the wrong decision about choosing the right ball.

ping pong ball
ping pong ball

The Basic Knowledge about the Ping Pong Ball

Do you know that a ping pong ball has little star on it that shows its category and functionality? Different functionality will lead to a different quality. So far, the ball has three stars on it, max. That’s why if you find a ball with four or five stars, you should know that it is not the legitimate category.

Having more stars doesn’t guarantee that the ball is better. After all, you may want to find for the original products with three stars on it. Star 1 is for the practice ball. Star 2 is for the training ball and star 3 is for the professional tournament ball.

Most balls are coming in 40 mm dimension, which is pretty small but solid. The basic difference usually lies on the thickness of the shell.

In most cases, most of the balls are pretty good in quality and construction but the balls usually come in the premium quality when they are used in the intense setting or competition.

How to Choose the Right Ping Pong Ball

So, how do you choose the right ping pong ball, anyway?

  • First of all, you want to have a clear visual check on it. Locate the middle part of the ball. If you see a seam around it, you can immediately ditch it and find other balls. This type of imperfect ball tends to have a flat surface close to the seam and it can seriously affect your game.

  • Second, you want to test the firmness of the ball. Try pressing the ball as hard as you can. If it dents or caves in right on the side that you have pressed, then the ball isn’t quite good in quality. You can still find a good and decent quality ball even with 1 star on it. And how do you know about the intensity of the pressure for the ball, anyway? Well, if you hold the ball between your pointer and thumb and you puss them quite firmly, that’s how much pressure that you can expect.

  • Try spinning an egg. It wobbles, right? When the ball wobbles, it means that it is imperfect and it is not quite round. The same thing will happen to your ball. If you spin it and it wobbles, then it is not perfectly round. A truly perfect ball won’t wobble. The premium quality won’t wobble at all.

Consider the main material of the ball too. Celluloid ball and plastic ball will have different feel and quality.

From these two materials, you can differentiate the conformity, bounce, the roundness of it, weight regularity and conformity, color, luminance, hardness, surface, seam, sphericity, and also size. You can tell which ping pong ball is the best and which isn’t.

How it’s made – Nittaku Table Tennis Ball

You can watch this video to see how it’s made table tennis ball from Nittaku


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