Butterfly Boll Tricarbon
Butterfly Boll Tricarbon

The Butterfly Boll Tricarbon is another serious functional blade that can really improve your enjoyment and gaming skills in table tennis. If you think that all paddles and all blades are the same, then you need to do another research to get your facts straight.

Keep in mind that table tennis paddles have their own signature style and specifications that differentiate them from one another. Each manufacturer has their own style, characteristic, and reason for their unique design.

Butterfly also comes with their own unique design and specification – which makes them different from the other brands and names. And for this specific blade, there are a lot of benefits users can get from having one.

Butterfly Boll Tricarbon
Butterfly Boll Tricarbon


Butterfly Boll Tricarbon: All the Good Things to Expect

From the general specs and features alone, you can see that this type of blade has a lot of promising qualities. If you are looking for the reliable tennis table blades for offensive playing and you want the one with the hard surface, this Butterfly Boll Tricarbon is the right option for you.

Thanks to the three carbon layers and six plies construction, you can improve your speed and enjoy a fast gaming performance. In most cases, fast isn’t the same as precision – meaning that super quick ability isn’t always accompanied with super precise skills.

However, that won’t happen with this special blade. If you choose this special product from Butterfly, not only you can improve your speed, you can also improve your precision too. It’s like having a multifunctional usage and benefits with a single item. Quite convenient and nice, right?

From the physical construction alone, this blade is pretty nice and it feels solid to your grip. Its basic thickness is about 7.8mm with blade size around 158 x 150mm and handle dimension of 100 x 25mm. Its overall weight is 95g which is pretty heavy and solid for beginners but not so for advanced players.

Basic Reviews for Butterfly Boll Tricarbon

Butterfly has planned their blade construction very carefully and come with all the right solution. This blade has three additional carbon layers that are responsible for the improved speed and power. Thanks to the smart construction, you can enjoy the fastest and also the most powerful gaming enjoyment with this blade.

However, because of the thickness and the weight, this blade isn’t designed for beginners because it is extra hard and solid – not to mention that it is also super heavy. If you are expecting better control for blocking, smashing, and increased speed, this is the perfect blade for you.

But mind you, you need to hit the ball extra hard to achieve the intended result. That’s why most players don’t really like this Butterfly Boll Tricarbon blade, when compared to the other carbon composite paddles. But if you welcome the extra challenge and effort, this is just the great item for your needs. With the right combination of soft rubber, you can really improve the topspin power.

If you want to improve the offensive gaming style, consider having the Butterfly Tenergy. If you want to improve the spin with this Butterfly Boll Tricarbon blade, combine it with Narucross Nittaku Ex Soft or Butterfly Tenergy.


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