Butterfly Balsa blade
butterfly balsa carbo x5

If you are looking for a reliable blade for your improved enjoyment during the ping pong game, you may want to consider the Butterfly Balsa. There are so many different blades out there, from different manufacturers, variants, shapes, and functionality.

It is pretty understandable if choosing the right one can be confusing and overwhelming. However, if you do your research right, you should know that each of the blades has its own function, strength, and also flaw. If you aren’t in a hurry or if you can make a careful decision, you know which one is for you.  After all, each item is designed in a special way for special need so be sure that you know your own’s.

Basic Things about Butterfly Balsa

Among the many types and variants of table tennis blades, this one is definitely special. A unique aspect of this Butterfly Balsa is the fact that it can be used for allround players and gaming type as well as the offensive one. It has a soft surface with 2 carbon plies and 5 Balsa core.

What about the quality? There is no doubt that this one can help you improve your skills and ability in handling and controlling the balls. This blade weighs around 80g with 100 x 27mm for the handle and 159x150mm for the head. If you are used to the table tennis, this one is quite medium with an added weight – but it is still light, anyway.

Butterfly Balsa blade
butterfly balsa carbo x5

What to Like about the Butterfly Balsa Blade?

So, if you are expecting special things from this blade, you will be able to find one easily. First, this blade is made and manufactured by Butterfly, which is a well-known name in the industry – especially when it comes to quality, construction, functionality, and reliability.

Another thing to like from this Butterfly Balsa blade is the soft surface, the light weight, and the increased function. The blade also has two additional carbon layers whose function is to improved power and speed. If you are expecting a killer shot, this is the blade to have.

Another thing to like from the Carbo X5 is the soft and premium feel of the blade. It isn’t designed for a show but to improve assist blocking technique and ability. If your opponent has a powerful topspin shot, this blade will be powerful enough to stop it, even from a far away distance. If you are looking for an exclusive and premium blade without compromising the quality, the Carbo X5 from Butterfly is the perfect blade.

Another Thing to Like

Aside from the improved functionality and usage, this blade is also economical and inexpensive. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to get a high-quality blade. The handle is pretty thick and the surface is soft enough to absorb incoming hitting power.

You can improve its speed with the right rubber. In fact, the right combination of such powerful blade with the right rubber can be lethal and be in your favor. This Butterfly Balsa blade is pretty flexible and functional – in a great sense.



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