Butterfly Amultart
Butterfly Amultart

Among the many names in the table tennis paddle and brands, the Butterfly Amultart blade is quite popular and known. Certainly, there are reasons why this particular brand and name is known worldwide. Who knows? This type of blade is probably more suitable for you and it can improve your gaming benefit to the higher level.

Butterfly Amultart
Butterfly Amultart

The ZL Carbon Butterfly Amultart Blade

Among the other table tennis blades variants, this Butterfly Amultart is perfect for offensive gaming type. It has hard surface and weighs around 84g. It has 3 ply layers with ZL carbon as the main construction. You probably think that 84g will be too heavy for a table tennis paddle. However, you will be surprised to know that this blade is pretty flexible and even light.

After all, this Amultart has the good combination of the ZL fiber and also Butterfly carbon technology that improves speed with longer dwelling time. When compared to the other carbon blades, this one has a superb quality and performance. You can also produce heavy topspin quite easily when you use this blade.

The Specialty of Butterfly Amultart Blade

It is pretty logical and reasonable if this blade is considered as the high end product from Butterfly. Sure, it is more suitable for advanced players focusing on their offensive gaming type as you can expect monstrous amazing spin with incredibly fast outcome.

Want to have improvement for your chop, loop, drive, and smash? Use this Butterfly Amultart blade and it is a guarantee that you will only enjoy the great performance. Aside from the fast speed and amazing flexibility, it also offers easy control. Keep in mind, however, that this blade is more suitable for advanced players so it isn’t advisable for beginners.

If you are an advanced allround player who plays offensive type of game with quite a high budget, this is the type of blade recommended for you. After all, this blade will do wonderful things when paired up with the right accessory and element, such as the mid-soft rubbers (like the Butterfly Tenergy). Be sure that you will enjoy your game to the highest level only!

Choosing the Right Blade

Sure, there are so many different blades and paddles out there, making the process of choosing your favorite blade difficult and overwhelming. However, if you do your research correctly and you are willing to provide the time (and also the efforts) to find out the right product for you, it will worth it.

After all, table tennis gears and accessories can be pretty costly. You can expect higher quality that goes in line with the price. That’s why it is crucial to do your research first before you decide on a certain product.

Butterfly products are mostly known for their quality. Aside from it, they only use the reliable and high-quality materials with careful manufacturing process and system. A table tennis paddle isn’t just a paddle – it is the stuff that can determine your enjoyment in the game. If you want the high-qualified item, be sure to consider the Butterfly Amultart blade.


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