table tennis blades
butterfly table tennis blades

Are you even aware that the table tennis blades have been one of the most important and handiest accessories for the game?

You may not realize this but without the paddle, you won’t be able to play the game. How are you going to hit the ball, anyway?

That’s why it is crucial to think about the right accessories to choose, along with the paddle and other stuff that come along with the requirements.


table tennis blades
butterfly table tennis blades


The Standard System for the Accessories

ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) has issued a rating and standard system of the right accessories needed for the sports. If you have doubts about a certain accessory, you can consult this standard.

The Paddles: How to Consider the Table Tennis Blade

When you choose a paddle, you need to know that it is one of the most personal items in your arsenal. You can make a custom paddle that fits your requirements and needs.

However, in case you are okay with the standard paddle, you are free to choose the ones already available on the market.

A paddle consists of the rubber and the blade. The table tennis blades themselves are usually made of wood, although it is also possible to use other materials.

In most cases, the blades are made from carbon and arylate for the thin layer and the surrounded and covered by the wood. The weight of your paddle is determined from the speeds. For defensive blades, the code is DEF.

For all around medium blades, the code is ALL. For offensive blades (usually used by advanced players only), the code is OFF. Be sure that you pay attention to these codes before purchasing the paddle.

The paddle won’t be complete without the rubber surface, which affects the spin amount and the quality of your hit. When it comes to the rubber surface, you want to consider the two options: inverted and pimpled.

In pimpled type, there are raised dots on the surface (often addressed as pips) and they are great for defensive play as well as controlling the ball returns with spin. In inverted surface, you have to turn the sheet rubber upside down so you can see a flat surface.

It’s because there is a sponge thin layer in between the rubber and the table tennis blades. This sponge layer is good to determine the control and also speed.

The fastest speed is determined with scale 10 and there are scales from 1 to 10 that you can choose from. The faster the ball, the more spin they will have.

If you are new to this and you are a beginner, you should pick only the lower scale. Advanced players, on the other hand, may choose a paddle with inverted surface on one side and pimpled rubber on another side so they can have both defensive and offensive type of play.

The Other Accessories

Besides the paddle, you should also consider the table, the robot, the nets, and even the shoes or clothes. Be sure that you choose high quality table, nets, or robots so you can really improve your skills.

Clothes or shoes are good during competition so don’t be too fussy about it. Don’t forget to choose the right table tennis blades for your kind of play and enjoyment.



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