As you know, tennis and badminton can be played by two people in one group as duo or double. But the same thing also goes to table tennis. Is there any table tennis double? Yes it is. Same with other sports, it can be played by two people for each group.

There are no differences in the game but the rules are not similar since the line will be drawn with axis of the table and it is divided into two courts with 3 mm wide that runs to the side lines.

table tennis double
table tennis double

Pay Attention to The Rule of Table Tennis Double

Though table tennis double is played like single game, but the rules are different so you need to understand all of them as the following:

  • Playing order

One rule in double table tennis which is different with single game is both players in the game must and will do the alternate shot. What is alternate shot? It means that if one player has already hit the ball once, then the other player will shoot too if the ball is coming back to them.

The conclusion is, one player can’t hit the ball twice in a row or they might lose the point. For instance, you are A and your partner will be C. The opponents are B and D. If A hits the ball, the receiver must be B. Then B must return the ball to C, not to A anymore. And C will give it back to D. If A receives the ball again from B, then they will lose since the ball must be hit by C. This rally will be continued until one party makes a mistake.

  • Service order

It is not only different from playing order but also from service order. For this double game, after the receiver accept the ball twice, then the previous receiver will take the turn to become the server and the server will be the receiver after two services.

For example one group consists of A and C. The other team will be B and D. If A does the service, then B will receive it and give it back to C and C will give it back to D. But the order is changing after the service. B is going to serve to player C and C will give it back to player D. Then D will return the ball to player A.

In the double game, if one team has the right to serve first, then they can decide who will be the first player among them. However, this thing is only happened in the first game only because after that, they will follow the rule.

  • Changing the sides

The pair from each team will change the side after the game has reached five points of the final game and that team has changed receiver.

It means that if the pair scores five points in the final game with the first order where A serves until player D, the order for the game is changing. A will serve to D and D will give it back to C. Then, C will return the ball to B.

If you are interested in playing table tennis double, then you should to understand and apply the rules in your game so you will not make any mistake.


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