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Chiang Hung-Chieh & Ai Fukuhara on their wedding

Chiang Hung Chieh & Ai Fukuhara Wedding

A big congratulations to Chiang Hung-Chieh & Ai Fukuhara on their wedding today in Taipei!! ITTF
Butterfly Tenergy 05 table tennis rubber

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber

When it comes to high-quality rubber, the name Butterfly Tenergy 05 often shows up – and it is done for a good reason. When...
Butterfly Boll Tricarbon

Butterfly Boll Tricarbon Review

The Butterfly Boll Tricarbon is another serious functional blade that can really improve your enjoyment and gaming skills in table tennis. If you think...
Butterfly Balsa blade

Butterfly Balsa: Good Things to Expect from the Blade

If you are looking for a reliable blade for your improved enjoyment during the ping pong game, you may want to consider the Butterfly...
Butterfly Amultart

Butterfly Amultart Blade Review

Among the many names in the table tennis paddle and brands, the Butterfly Amultart blade is quite popular and known. Certainly, there are reasons...

Table Tennis Blades: The Balsa Core

When choosing the right table tennis blades, you want to consider the main material for the core. Balsa core is one of the common...
Abachi table tennis blades

Table Tennis Blades: The Various Types and Their Functions

When it comes to choosing the right table tennis blades core, Abachi is one of the most popular constructions in the industry. A lot...
table tennis blades

Accessories in Table Tennis: How Table Tennis Blades Can Affect Your Game

Are you even aware that the table tennis blades have been one of the most important and handiest accessories for the game? You may not...
Table Tennis Equipment

Different Types and Functions of Table Tennis Equipment

Having the right table tennis equipment is important if you are serious about the sports. If you are love ping pong so much or...
table tennis net

Detailed Facts about Table Tennis Net

When it comes to choosing the right table tennis net, you should look at your own needs and preference. Do you want a net...



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